Neurotherapy & Training

iLs Sound Therapy

What is iLs?

The brain’s ability to change itself, heal itself, and improve its functioning is known as neuroplasticity. It has been proven by research and is the accepted theory by doctors worldwide. Neuroplasticity is the foundation of why Neurotherapy training works. When a problem occurs due to dysregulated brainwaves, the brain can be conditioned to form new neural pathways and to reorganize itself to work better.
iLs Therapy combines movement, listening, and visual stimulation for maximal reorganization results. To help the neurons in the brain to reconnect, we stimulate reorganization through activity to increase your brain’s ability to learn, pay attention, process information, and coordinate movement. ¬†Brain functioning overall improves through this type of conditioning. We are essentially re-training the brain to become more efficient and effective, and in the process strengthening neural connections to improve performance.
Repetition is key! Just as we must practice a new skill for it to become automatic, we must give your brain repeated practice of integrating aspects of coordination and working together. Through repetition the brain will begin to function better using the different systems for support.
iLs programs stimulate brain activity to strengthen neural connections and, in the process, improve your ability to improve skills such as focus, memory, attention and academic skills.