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Our Mission at Better Brain NC is to help people Feel Better, Accomplish More, and Enjoy doing it! We will work hard to help you live a healthy, productive, vital and abundant life.

Dr. Patricia Leigh, Director of Better Brain NC, has been helping people reclaim their lives for the past 18 years. Dr. Leigh is an accomplished therapist, mentor and international presenter.

Dr. Leigh has earned Ph.D. training in areas of Human Development & Disorders and Cognitive Science. She has earned multiple Master’s degrees in therapeutic and educational fields and she is Specially Certified in all available Neurotherapy and Training services.

We also offer a variety of supportive services to enhance the Neurotherapy Brain Training provided by Neurofeedback and iLs training. These services include: Chiropractic Spinal Alignment, Audio-Visual Entrainment, HeartMath EmWave Coherence, Nutritional Supplements, and more.

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